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Welding machines

Comprehensive Welding Machine Services

Welding Equipment Repair and Calibration in Edmonton

Established in 2005 by company president Praveen Bahadur, 21 Zeta Inc. provides welding and cutting equipment repair, calibration and maintenance services to fabrication companies and welders. We have extensive experience servicing products from the industry’s leading welding equipment suppliers in Edmonton, such as Lincoln Electric, Miller, and Hypertherm. We also offer quality welding parts for products from reputed brands such as VMAC and Fein. 

Our Alberta-owned and operated company is known for its outstanding customer service and offers warranty repair with direct billing to our suppliers. After your repair or calibration is complete, we will deliver your equipment back to you as soon as possible. With competitive pricing, top-quality service and 15+ years of industry experience, our team is the go-to welding service facility in the area. Call us to book our welding machine repair and maintenance services today.

Inverter welding MIG machine

Our Mission

21 Zeta Inc. is committed to the highest standard of professional service in the welding equipment repair business. Our top priority is getting machines running to the maximum performance while providing an experience that is easy, simple, and efficient. We promise to provide clear communication to ensure our clients understand what needs to be done and that all their needs are met. We strive to do what it takes to solve the problem and get the job done right.

Equipment Repairs and Maintenance

At 21 Zeta Inc., we have factory-certified technicians to perform welding equipment repair and maintenance jobs. We have experience working with various welding machines, parts, and accessories to help companies run effectively and efficiently. Our one-stop facility offers:

  • Welders and cutting systems

  • Engine-driven welders and generators 

  • Flow meters 

  • Remote controls - wireless and hardwired

  • Heat induction equipment

  • Fume extractors

We recommend having your equipment calibrated annually. This ensures that all welding procedures completed by your machine are done as accurately as possible. We provide calibrations and NSIT certificates to ensure your company upholds its high standards of quality work.

Fronius machine
A technician working on the repair of equipment in a workshop

Our Exclusive Services in Alberta

21 Zeta Inc. is the only service facility in Alberta for:

  • Welder calibration providing computer-aided graphics

  • Fronius machines warranty service, repair, parts and calibration

  • Gas flow meter calibration

  • Plasma CNC cutting table/pipe cutter 

  • Tru remote wireless distribution

We Are a Factory Authorized Service Facility For

"Our greatest asset are our people, highly skilled and dedicated!"

Taking Care of Your Welding and Cutting Machines

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Calibrated Machines Offer Optimum Performance

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Get Your Welding Equipment Serviced

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Servicing Your Cutting Equipment

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Genuine Parts for Welding Machines

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Extend the Life of Your Welding Equipment

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