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Control panel of the welder, electric welding machine

Effective Maintenance Programs

At 21 Zeta Inc., we aim to take good care of your welding equipment so that your business does not endure much downtime. Our team is dedicated to providing quick and efficient welding repair and calibration services. We are determined to help you create quality products that help in increasing your profitability. 21 Zeta Inc. offers maintenance programs to help you maintain your welding machines effectively. We have a team of trained and skilled technicians to help you maintain your machines in Edmonton. 


Our goal for you is to increase productivity and improve welding performance and cost control.

Our Regular Maintenance Programs

Regular maintenance of your welding machines can help you identify issues before they pose a problem in your operations. Our regular maintenance programs include:

  • Inspection

  • Replacement

  • Repair

  • Equipment cleaning

We offer the following programs based on the frequency of service to help you minimize breakdowns and production downtime:

  • Annual

  • Bi-annual

  • Quarterly

  • Monthly

  • One time

You can call us, and we will help you choose a program depending on your needs. 

A technician repairing  a large machine
A man working on a large welding equipment

Optional services

When our technicians inspect your site, they do a thorough job. They will provide a list of identified issues with a descriptive report. This report will help you understand the problem in detail and make a well-informed decision. We will ensure that minor repairs are done during the program. Our technicians will schedule more extensive, non-urgent repairs and maintenance according to your convenience.

Why Maintenance

Several problems can occur with welding machines over time. Some of these are:

  • Overheating and circuit failure 

  • Worn-out connections

  • Energy wastage

  • Production downtime

Picture of a workshop

The only way to minimize these problems is to invest in preventive maintenance. Our maintenance programs are aimed at reducing your downtime. The right kind of maintenance routine can reduce your downtime by about 50%. We recommend the following for preventive care of your welding machines:

  • Monthly cleaning of power sources

  • Load bank testing

  • Equipment inspection

  • Annual or bi-annual cleaning of guns

  • Inspection of cables and liners

  • Realignment of wire pool assembly

  • Timely regulator repairs

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