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Reliable Welding Equipment Repair in Edmonton

21 Zeta Inc. can help get your machines up and running quickly! Our team of skilled and trained professionals can provide you with quick welding equipment repairs in Edmonton so that you can get back to your production without any delay. We keep various common and wholesale parts in stock to complete repairs without wasting any time. If we don’t have the required part on hand, we will expedite its delivery and give you a timeline on when you can expect your equipment to be repaired. You can rely on our team for quality repair and maintenance services in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Factory-certified Technicians

We have a team of certified technicians to help you with repair and service of the following:

  • Welding equipment

  • Engine-driven welders

  • Electrical welders

  • Fume extractors

  • Stool guns

  • Wire feeders

  • Connecting cables

  • Power sources

  • Welding positioners

  • Guns

  • Torches

We can also help you with on-site maintenance and calibration of welding equipment.

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Exclusive Dealer for Alberta

Mig welding gun and welding tools
A large machine setup for welding machine calibration or repair

Why Should You Calibrate Your Equipment?

Calibrating your welding equipment annually is recommended as it helps with precise and stable welding. It is mandatory that ISO companies hire third-party calibration companies like 21 Zeta Inc. for equipment calibration. Calibrating your equipment helps in:

  • Improving the quality of the weld as well as the equipment

  • Comparing analysis values to standard specifications/client’s specifications

  • Proving your production process is in line with standards

  • Preventing accidents and promoting safety

  • Reducing costs and securing the longevity of the machine

  • Minimizing waste of consumables and time

Contact us today to get your welding equipment repaired in Edmonton.

In-shop and On-site Equipment Repairs

You can rely on our factory-certified technicians to repair and calibrate your welding equipment at our facility or your site.

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